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Our Story

Panic & Swoon is a brick and mortar shop located at 430 Main Street in the historic district downtown in Placerville California. We offer carefully curated new and vintage goods selected by Adrienne Spring Beatty.  Adrienne is a graphic designer with a passion for the old fashion, especially early Americana art and graphics. She loves all things Old West, paranormal, ragtime, desert-y, 1910s, made carefully and sturdy, built like they used to.  She offers modern goods that invoke the spirit of the last 150 years of Americana shine: high quality beautiful mystical | paranormal goods such as classic tarot, fortune-telling cards, astral projection and palmistry books, books on ghosts and developing psychic intuition, small batch artisan-made  kitchen , cocktail & home accents, handmade jewelry (of which much she makes herself!), small batch handmade self care body and bath goods, specialty one of a kind men's wares and shaving provisions, sweet treats of the olden days, incense and haunted art to boot. The shop is decorated with vintage relics and includes a Zoltar arcade fortune tellers as well as other interactive joys like ouija boards and typewriters. She also has awesome curiosities for kids and babies! The name Panic & Swoon was concocted from a love of old west speak and the history of these lands, from the shores of the San Francisco Bay up to these haunted pines.